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Offers a Unique Advertising Opportunity
  LiveBanners allows webmasters to instantly promote their webpage on your website.  This instant gratification approach will attract a greater scope of advertisers to your site.
No Scripts to Install or Software To Download
  Getting started with our service is easy to do and simple to setup.  There are no scripts to install and everything is 100% web based.
Instant Revenues via Paypal
  No more waiting months for a commission check for your ad space revenues.  Get paid via Paypal instantly!

Live! Web Banners
is the hottest adsense alternative to selling your ad inventory!  Why wait months to receive a commission check for your advertising revenues that may or may not show up!  Now is the time to manage your own advertising and avoid being taken advantage of by the bigger companies. 

Webmasters are constantly looking to purchase promotion and banner impressions!  Today's world is based around 'instant gratification' and Live Web Banners delivers the ability for impression-hungry webmasters to instantly purchase up advertising on your website and start receiving impressions and visitors right away!  Having to use third-party advertising companies and endure lengthy approval processes discourage potential buyers of your ad space.  Providing an INSTANT solution to your ad management and allowing webmasters the ability to promote on your site will generate you the ad revenues you demand.

You can instantly setup a Live Web Banners account and start building banner codes right away.  Each webmaster can signup an unlimited number of banners/ad spaces and the set size, duration, and cost for each.  Once a banner has been setup and configured the webmaster can post the ad-space via a cut-and-paste html code anywhere on their website.  Each ad space will display a "Buy This Spot" banner which displays the ad space for sale and the number of impressions it has received in the prior 7-days. 

When a webmaster clicks on this banner they will be taken to a page that displays the term of the advertising purchase, impressions, sizing requirements, and price.  They will be able to instantly upload their banner and purchase the ad space online.  Their ad will show up instantly in the ad space location across the site and remain there until the end of the ad duration.  This allows webmasters to instantly purchase the available ad space they desire with ease and no delays.

Setup Individual Banner Ads or Global Ads For Your Entire site
  Our system is very versatile -- you can setup a single banner and sell just that ad space or run banners across your entire site and sell global ad space.  We can host a huge assortment of banner sizes and really offer you the features that you deserve.  You will find it easy to manage your ad space and a breeze to integrate your new banners into your site.  Best of all, there are no scripts to install!
Webmasters Banners Post Instantly
  No one likes to take weeks to see their advertising revenues be put to good use.  Our system will allow webmasters to instantly post their banner to your ad space and see results right away.  This will attract a whole new market of eager webmasters looking to see results.
Instantly Receive Payment via Paypal
  Who wants to wait MONTHS to get your earnings?  No way!  Plus some ad companies love to steal small webmasters site earnings.  With our system you will INSTANTLY get paid for your ad space direct to your paypal account.  This will give you the revenues you need to continue to promote and improve your site.
Sell More Ad Space On Demand
  No one likes to wait to see their ad posted!  By selling your ad space with our 'instant gratification' system you will find that more sponsors are willing to take advantage of your advertising opportunity.  It is easy for them to track and get started which makes this a very appealing promotion method.
Less Headache & Time Spent Working with Sponsors
  Dealing with sponsors and spending out media packs is a real headache!  Eliminate the time you spend showing potential advertisers your ad space and spend more time working on your website.  No more updating and sending out media packs or sending out invoices!
Opportunity Branding and Awareness
  Our banners are easy to spot -- and webmasters keep an eye out for them.  Soon you will be attracting webmasters that are searching for niche sites using LiveWebBanners just for the ease of promoting using our system!  You will attract new customers that are seeking ways to promote new entry pages to test conversion and those needing expedited campaigns to test market their products.  This can be far more lucrative then simply turning your visitors over to services such as Google Adsense and losing huge portions of your revenues!
You Keep 100% Of Your Revenues
  Stop giving away your revenues -- you keep 100%!  Why pay another company to sell your ad space when they are keeping up to 80% of your earnings, holding on to your earnings for months, and even cheating you out of other incentives.  With our system you are in control over your ad space and will not be cheated!

Getting started is easy!  Signup to the Live Web Banner service and you will instantly receive an online control panel that will allow you to start setting up your first banner ad spaces.

Only $28 Lifetime Membership

Questions?  Feel free to contact us at Support@LiveWebBanners.com